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Vielfalt gestalten in Gottesdienst und Gemeinde (Diversity in Church Service and Community)

This training/workshop, held in 05 July 2014, was a whole-day affair. It was attended by 23 lay preachers and community members.


Block Seminar – Intercultural Ministry
(part of Methodist e-Academy Continuing Education Course)

The 3-day block seminar, from 7-10 January 2015, held at the Queens Foundation, Birmingham, England engaged online participants to listen to paper presentations and share their experiences in intercultural ministry. T


Block Seminar - Methodist History (part of Methodist E-Academy Continuing Education Course)

This 4-day block seminar was held in London, England. It was attended by students from various European countries who participated in the E-Academy course.


Nickson Bondo - IAMSCU Conference 2014

Maria Khristina Manueli - IAMSCU Conference 2014

Meeli Tankler - IAMSCU Conference 2014


Alexandara Barafanova - Attendance to Talinn, Estonia (2015)

Chae Bin Kim - APAMEI Conference 2015

Anna Seifullina - Exchange student to Japan (Fall, 2015)


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