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The Methodist Global Education Fund for Leadership Development or MGEFLD is one of the many projects the Global Methodist Education and Leadership Development program initiated under the Global Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM). 

It is conceived as a vehicle to work with church, educational, and theological institutions worldwide to help them produce a new generation of principled Christian leaders. Leadership Development is a long term ministry and results are shown in the long run. For centuries, Methodist education has been building a worldwide pipeline that goes from pre-elementary education through higher and professional education to graduate and theological education and at all these levels, Global Methodist Education contributes to spiritual formation, character formation, practical skills, social ethics, and life-long learning.

MGEFLD is a fund supporting the network of Methodist organizations assisting educational programs around the globe. The programs implemented under MGEFLD are based on the priciple of shared vision, shared responsibilities and shared costs. This principle is a reflection of the interconnectedness and intercultural nature of the United Methodist Church.

MGEFLD is divided into five regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America. Each region involves people, raises or pools funds, provides structure, and distributes funds to different initiatives and programs. Each region is also interconnected in many ways such as sharing expertise and providing assistance to particular programs.

The office of MGEFLD-Europe is part of the GBHEM LEaD Hub Europe and is located at Reutlingen School of Theology, Germany. It is dedicated to assisting theological education in Europe by providing scholarships, supporting events, and providing technical assistance.

For more information visit the MGEFLD-Website

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