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MTSE is a platform of institutions and organizations of higher theological education from several Methodist/Wesleyan traditions in Europe.


Its main purpose is to promote theological education in a Wesleyan/Methodist spirit. This kind of education incorporates academic rigor, reflective praxis and spiritual formation drawing from the heritage of the Methodist/Wesleyan traditions.


Future leaders are trained to be culturally and theologically sensitive so that they can address the diverse European contexts of their communities. MTSE sees this as a common task thus implying mutual support between different institutions within Europe.


The participating institutions and organizations cooperate with each other in the form of:

  • exchanging information

  • exchanging students and teachers

  • developing joint programs

  • sharing of resources

  • exploration of new methods of cooperation made available through the development of computer technology.


MTSE deans/chairpersons meet once every two years to exchange reports and plan for further cooperation. MTSE teaching staff meets every four years to exchange experiences and explore new ways of cooperation.

There is a possibility for a short time exchange between the MTSE-Institutions. Please ask your home institution or the LEaD Hub Europe for further information and find the application here.

between MTSE

Group picture of different MTSE members; taken during the IAMSCU Conference in Atlanta, USA (June 2019)

Institutions related to MTSE (Methodist-related Theological Schools in Europe)
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