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To request more information contact our administrative assistant Jana Göhler:

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We are pleased to work together with MGEFLD to be able to support and assist individuals and institutions financially. MGEFLD provides assistance to individuals and institutions needing help in their academic studies or programs. There are two categories of grants: (a) individuals (students, lecturers/professors, leaders, etc.); and (b) Methodist-related institutions. Get further info about the process of applying and download the required forms here.


If you don't know, which category you are applying for or have any other inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our administrative assistant Jana Göhler.


Grants & Scholarship Program (GRASP)

This program is offered to individuals (students, faculty members, lay members and clergies) seeking assistance to apply for degree programs, specialization courses, continuing education, attendance to conferences/seminars/workshops or any special circumstances related to furthering academic studies.



Interested individuals may apply by sending their requests to the MGEFLD-Europe. Applications should define their studies at the level of high school, vocational training, college or university, theological education, professional development or graduate degrees (Masters or Doctorate). They are required to send transcripts, resumes, and letters of recommendation. Applicants are selected by the MGEFLD and may provide complementary funds, depending on the program. APPLY HERE.


Methodist Academic Program (MAP)

This program is offered to individuals (students, faculty members, consultants, and administrators) seeking assistance to do internship, student/faculty exchange, or constultancy work (training, workshop, etc.) to Methodist-related institutions.



Applicants are required to submit their requests to the MGEFLD-Europe together with their filled-out application form. Applicants are also requested to submit two letters of recommendation. Selected applicants may be provided funds to cover travel, lodging, or any other related costs. APPLY HERE.



​Technical Assistance Program (TAP)

This assistance is offered to Methodist-related institutions seeking assistance or consultancy work to help address their needs. Requested assistance can be related to one or more of the following categories: Library development; Publications; Leadership Development; Fundraising; Information Technology; Program Development; Academic Evaluation; Strategic Planning; and/or Management.



Methodist-related institutions interested in the above-mentioned assistance should submit a written request for technical assistance to the MGEFLD-Europe together with the filled-out application form. Applicants should identify a particular need, present clearly defined goals, indicate a basic program design, define the expertise required, and include estimated costs. The application will be carefully evaluated and selected according to the gravity of their needs. APPLY HERE.


Leadership Development Program (LeD)

This program is offered to Methodist-related institutions seeking assistance to conduct trainings, seminars, workshops or meetings that will strengthen the leadership skills and capabilities of its members.



Interested applicants are requested to send their request by preparing a proposal together with the filled our application form to the MGEFLD-Europe. Applicants are also requested to provide the names, addresses, contact numbers and email addresses of the activity leaders in their proposal, as well as the names of their participants (if applicable). Applications will be carefully evaluated and selected depending on the significance and implication of their proposal.


Successful applicants are requested to submit pictures or a video of the event, a 1-page evaluation describing the success and/or challenges of the training and the plan for follow-up with the participants and subsequent communities served within 30 days of the completion of training.


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